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A Mindful Mini-Vacation in 5 minutes

Take a 5-minute mini-vacation without leaving the room! This post guides you through a visualization where you imagine a mini-vacation to your “happy place.” Take a few deeps breaths and bring to your mind your “Happy Place.” It could be an outdoor setting like the beach or mountains, it can be your favorite indoor space, […]

Prioritize your wellbeing: Claim your peace and happiness

Myth: Making yourself a priority means you are ignoring the needs of others in your life Truth: You can prioritize your wellbeing and care for the needs of others at the same time. The two are not mutually exclusive. Many people think that prioritizing ourselves means not taking care of our family, social, academic, and […]

Financial Social Work: Four Fun Money-Saving Self-Care Tips

My essay, Four Fun, Easy Ways to Reduce Expenses, was chosen to be published on the Center for Financial Social Work website! See the article included in this post below for information about how to incorporate nurturing activities and products into your revolutionary self-care plan without breaking the bank. To learn more about Financial Social […]

Self-Care: A Revolutionary Act

Self-Preservation Self-care for women, and BIPOC women in particular, can be difficult in a society that does not support our health and wellbeing. Poet and activist Audre Lorde presented the idea of revolutionary self-care for Black women decades ago. She states that caring for yourself “…is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation…” Finding self-care spaces that […]

Peace and Joy for Busy BIPOC Women

Breathe and Smile As BIPOC women, we  face many stressors in our daily lives. With challenges like micro-aggressions and systemic barriers that challenge our self-esteem and happiness, it can be difficult to find peace and joy. This simple and easy exercise can help us to find calm and peace in the moment.  In his book, […]